ReclaiMe Data Recovery Training

NAS Recovery Course - NAS Recovery Preparations Test

Choose the advantage of disk clones compared to disk images

Check based on what you can estimate the state of physical disks in a NAS

Why they do not recommend storing several disk image files on the same disk when recovering data?

Check what information you can get if you know a NAS vendor and exact NAS model

The sum of partition sizes should be close to the size of a physical disk with both MBR and GPT disks

What helps you determine a sector size for disks partitioned with GPT?

When recovering a NAS, it is always better to create disk image files rather than disk clones

The information about a NAS coming from a client is often unreliable

Check what you should ask a client about a NAS configuration

You need to check sector sizes for each disk form a NAS when

Next lesson - Partitions in NASes
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