NAS Filesystems - Practice part

In practice, you may face a situation when a client deletes a network share folder assuming that it results in only an access point deletion rather than actual data deletion. However, in many NASes network share deletion leads to the deletion of data as well. More than that, many NASes including NetGear and Buffalo do not inform a user clearly enough in their warning messages that all the data will be lost.

In the practice part, we offer you to recover data from a VHD disk image file coming from a Buffalo Link Station Duo disk. This disk is a part of RAID1 volume formatted to XFS. On this volume there was a network share folder storing Linux source and data recovery posters. Then the share folder was deleted. Your task is to recover data from the disk image file and get access to the posters in PDF format.

Download disk image file

1 disk image file compressed to a ZIP archive, ~930 MB

What we did in these situations

For a reference point, see what we did and what we were able to figure out - download PDF with our notes here.