NAS Recovery Course

Lesson 3 - Partitions in NASes

This lesson covers a typical NAS layout: what partitions store NAS firmware and metadata and what partitions are used for user data. The difference between partition layouts in old NASes and in modern NASes is discussed.

The process of adding disks of the different sizes to a NAS is illustrated in detail, namely what will happen if you add smaller disks, larger disks or disks of the same size to a NAS disk set.

Additionally, we discuss what partition layout you should expect with a NAS underwent a rolling upgrade.

The practice part of this lesson consists of two tasks. In the first task, you need to figure out a partition layout on a NAS that underwent several disk replacements. In the second task, you need to draw a partition layout for the NAS disk set based on the ReclaiMe Pro screenshot.

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