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GPT Partitioning Scheme - Practice part

Task - GPT partition recovery

When recovering partitions, data recovery technicians have to work with basic partition structures in a disk viewer and be able to spot and, in some cases, correct some peculiarities and irregularities. In partitions utilizing GPT scheme, the main structures are GPT header and the table of entries. GPT header is located in the physical sector one while the table of entries you can find immediately after the header.

In this task, you are offered to download a VHD disk image file containing one GPT partition formatted to one of the Windows filesystems. The partition stores a text file to which you have to get access. Your task is to:

  • determine sector size,
  • fix one error in GPT data,
  • read the file using file recovery,
  • explain why it is needed to use file recovery, that is, why the disk cannot be mounted in Windows.
Download disk image file

1 disk image file compressed to ZIP archive, 300 KB

What we did in this situation

For a reference point, see what we did and what we were able to figure out - download PDF with our notes here.

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