Content Analysis - Practice part

Task 1 - Determininig information about RAID configuration – work with a screenshot of content analysis of RAID disks

Since content analysis is the first step in recovery of any RAID array, you will often work with content analysis tools in ReclaiMe Pro. However, content analysis alone doesn't help you reveal information about the RAID – you will have to interpret the results the analysis gives and make a conclusion. That's why in the first task you are offered to get as much information as possible about a disk set of eight drives for which content analysis in ReclaiMe Pro has been already done.

Screenshot 1

Task 2 - Determining information about RAID configuration – work with disk image files from a RAID

Once you have made the first steps in the interpretation of the content analysis data working with the screenshot, you are encouraged to do it all yourself – from loading disks to ReclaiMe Pro, launching content analysis, and to interpreting the results. In the second task, you should download four disk image files from the unknown array and try to get maximum information about the RAID in question using content analysis in ReclaiMe Pro.

Download disk image files

4 disk image files compressed to a ZIP archive, 202 MB

What we did in these situations

For a reference point, see what we did and what we were able to figure out - download PDF with our notes here.